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Work package 3: dissemination and communication


Improving the relation between the involved policy levels, stakeholder groups and the general public on the necessity of health relevant policies and clean air in day-to-day life.


Although air quality is a major environmental problem in the NWE-region, policy makers are not well informed on this issue. In addition, different stakeholders, such as local, regional and European authorities, environmental associations and health professionals also need to be better informed on the impacts of poor AQ on human health and the opportunities they have to make air quality policies health relevant.


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To facilitate decision makers in making this shift, it is important to provide them in a wide support base that can agree on a common view, rather then addressing slightly different messages at different times and on a different scope. This work package aims to help reduce the policy background gap regarding air pollution, and more specifically the relevance of a health oriented air quality policy, by involving an extended stakeholder consultation process during the lifetime of the project and by raising the awareness of the general public on the health effects of air pollution


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