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Cleaner Air, Better Health conference

Amsterdam, 11 June 2015



The "Cleaner Air, Better Health" conference was held in Amsterdam on the 11th of June 2015. The many presentations given throughout the conference can be found below in the programme overview. You can open presentations by clicking the titles. Speaker bio's and summaries of the posters presented during the conference breaks can be consulted by clicking the respective buttons below.    

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Morning Programme





Barbara Barend


Opening speech

Vice governor Province of North Holland (NL)





Cleaner Air Session

The context: European Air Quality situation with a focus on Northwest Europe

Alberto Gonzalez Ortiz, European Environment Agency (DK)


Air Quality in Northwest Europe: results from Joaquin monitoring

Prof. Paul Monks, University of Leicester (UK)





Better Health Session

Air Pollution and Health Effects

Prof. Michal Krzyzanowski, Kings College (UK)


Policies and Measures to Improve Air Quality: insights from the Joaquin-project

Incl. Launch of the Decision Support Tool by Abdeluheb Choho, vice mayor Amsterdam (NL)

Dr. Marieke Dijkema, Public Health Service Amsterdam (NL)




Afternoon Programme



Session A: Practical Cases - stories from the NorthWest European countries

International Impact of Air Quality Measures
Dr. Sandy Adriaenssens, Belgian Interregional Environment Agency (BE)
Christophe Stroobants, Flanders Environment Agency (BE)


Engage and Protect the Next Generation
Dr Kirsty Smallbone, University of Brighton (UK)

Air Quality Index: a tool for empowerment
Annelike Dusseldorp, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (NL)
Christine Strous, Lung Foundation Netherlands (NL
Dr Anne Knol, Friends of the Earth Netherlands (NL)

London and Paris: Best practices for local policy makers
Barry O’Brien, Greater London Authority (UK)
Jean-Marie Cariolet, Ecole des ingénieurs de la ville de Paris (FR)





Session B: Monitoring air quality for Technical Experts

Feasibility of good ultrafine particle measurements
Gerard Kos, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (NL)

Ultrafine particles in Joaquin cities
Jelle Hofman, Flanders Environment Agency (BE)

Composition & sources of air pollution in NW Europe
Ronald Hoogerbrugge, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (NL)

Contribution of woodburning to air pollution in NW Europe
Rebecca Cordell, University of Leicester (UK)

AQ modeling: state-of-the-art
Elke Trimpeneers, Belgian Interregional Environment Agency (BE)



Cleaner Air, Better Health



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